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Thursday, 5 August 2010

All Homemade

The House of Eley continues its creative persuits,with me being probably the least accomplished of us all. Nevertheless,here are some of MY finished projects that adorn the nooks and crannies of our home.

I did this for the nursery when Poppy was a few weeks old. It was a baking hot easter in 2007 and I remember rocking her in the pram as I mixed the paints.

Poppy's footprints in clay (10 weeks old)

In honour of our move to Torquay

Iron Mountain in Abergavenny. I spent the best part of three days staring at this view while I was in labour with Poppy-best as in,it was the best part.

Ink drawing for Iris's 1st birthday.

St Ives-we had a lovely unexpected holiday there in February 2010

My prototype felt birdie-the painting of Goodrington Sands is by Mr Eley,of course.


  1. Love your pic of the girls, and the pictures are charming.

  2. lovely, lovely!! Am looking forward to much, MUCH more from you, dear friend :) I knew this would be a good idea! Now, VENT AWAY!!! xx



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